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Masonic Foundation LogoThe Masonic Foundation of Ontario is a registered charitable organization that funds one-time and ongoing projects to benefit the community. The Foundation receives gifts and bequests from lodges, individual Masons and others who wish to share in its work. It was founded in 1964 by the Grand Lodge as a means of extending Masonic charity beyond helping members and their families.

The Foundation's capital fund, initially endowed with $160,000 by the Grand Lodge, was worth almost 11 million dollars in 2009. Investment income is used to support programming—in 2009 that support exceeded $800,000.

The Foundation provides bursaries to Ontario College and University students who need financial help, assists hearing-impaired children, supports deafness research and autism services, funds alcohol and drug education programs and raises money for prostate cancer awareness.

“Consider a woman faced with losing her home and her independence. She's handicapped. All she needs is a special lift. We help her buy one and keep her out of a "special needs" residence. The hand of humanity makes life livable, partly because it says someone cares.”

- V.W. Bro. Ted Morris

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